Company Milestones

* TUM was formally established in New Taipei City, Zhong He District
* VSTANK Remote Control Tank passed low- power radio NCC Type Approval
* TUM gained the exclusive distribution rights of VSTANK from HK in 2010.
* Official website is online in 2010.
* There are more than 20 distributors sale our products in Taiwan..
* TUM gained the exclusive distribution rights of Waltersons in Taiwan ; another remote brand of Hong Kong.


2010 to 2012
*TUM developed many kits for Heng Long 1/ 16 RC tank to upgrade.

Company Profile

TUM was established in 2009 in New Taipei City, Zhong He District, with our passion, professional technique and the best quality for remote control tank products, TUM has established proven reputation in remote control world and has laid a good marketing channel and technical support capabilities in the industry.

TUM devoted themselves to customer services. Besides selling tanks, TUM also sets a system of parts purchasing. And we are the only one agent who can offer the maintenance services. Because of that we won the domestic peers recognition, also get VSTANK 2011 annual good agents. January 2010, we got the low-power radio-frequency license for NCC.

When official website is on line in June 2010, we offer more product selections and instructions. We are also the only agent providing after-sales maintenance, customers can have more confidence to buy our goods.

After a long term hard working and promotion in 2011, we have established 20 distributors domestically and has also gained the exclusive distribution rights of Waltersons in Taiwan; another remote brand of Hong Kong in the same year. Remote tanks have become a trend in Taiwan market.

In 2012, we devoted more energies and resources to developing professional motherboard related to RC Tank. We successfully make remote control tanks to be closer to the real cars whether in the walking way or sounds like a true tank. This progress makes tank collecting more valuable.

Since 2010 ~ 2012, TUM design team has developed many upgrade sets for HengLong 1/16 remote tank series as following introduction:

1. Metal guide pulley metal upgrade sets:
Many customers respond when they tread to run off the lines during tank moving cause the original guide pulley is not available tight and stable with hull.
We have designed a new shaft and bearing to improve the above problems and get many customer new orders .
The upgrade sets including below 1/16 tank servies items:
3818, 3819, 3869, 3878, 3879, 3888, 3899

2. Upgrade steel bearing set for HengLong original gearbox :
HengLong original gearbox shaft sleeve material is copper . Owing to its hardness can’t be content for most customers requirement. So, we re-assemble them and use steel bearing to replace original copper sleeve.
The steel bearing has many good points comparison with original copper sleeve as following presentation:
(1) More hardness material.
(2) More smoothly running on gearbox.
(3) Reduce wheel drive shark problem.
(4) Reduce tread run off the lines during tank moving problem.

3. High speed motor and retard gearbox :
HengLong original motor not effect to climb and its speed is very slow. Now you have chance to choice two upgrade resolutions as below introduction:
(1) Re-setup a new type 380 high speed motor (20,000rpm) to increase on road speed.
(2) Re-setup a type 350 high speed motor (18,000rpm) and 3.3:1(or 3.8:1) retard gearbox with HengLong original gearbox to enhance 30% torque for climb.
When you buy this upgrade set. We strongly suggest that you have to upgrade your RX-18 MOSFET and steel gearbox in the meantime to protect your mainboard will not be broken during control your tank.

4. HengLong original RX-18 ECS only can support for type 380, 6 amp
motor and that is not enough for most customers’ request .For our experience history the original ECS often broken when customers upgrade their tank’s motor up to high speed motor.
Since 2012 TUM engineers re-design all new MOSFET then re-building them on the original RX-18 ECS to attain support most 380 high speed motor (maximum amp can get up to 24,000rpm 10A motors) and no broken again.

5. Whole wheels with steel bearings except sprockets:
The material of original road and idler wheel are all plastic and their use life is very short as well. So, TUM start design and modify all original wheel center holes to meet setup a new steel bearing then our tank can be move smoothly and increase their life extension.
Support tank series:
(1) HengLong 1/16 3839-1 M41A3.
(2) HengLong 1/16 3889-1 Leapord2 A6.
(3) HengLong 1/16 3909-2 T-34/85

Founded in 2009, TUM is a leader in providing trusted innovative parts of remote tank and new products and solutions. TUM offers tank integration, hardware upgrade, customer-centric assembles services. TUM has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance parts.

We cooperate closely with our design team to help provide complete solutions for a wide of tank across a diverse range of industries. To realize our corporate a Cross-border cooperation, TUM will continue collaborating and Partnering for high quality products & upgrade parts Solutions.Welcome to contact with us if you have any products inquire. Contact information:

Upgrade sets option list:
(1) Steel gearbox with Japanese steel bearing.
(2) 20,000 rpm Taiwanese high performance type 380 motor.
(3) Whole wheels with Japanese steel bearings except sprockets.
(4) 360 degree set of tank turret.
(5) Tread operating center rectify sets.
(6) Infrared battle system for HengLong 1:16 remote tank series.
(7) 4*10mm red laser set.
(8) TUM all new full steel bearing with steel gearbox.
(9) TUM all new 2.4G remote controller for HengLong RX-18 ECS.
(10) TUM all new Tiger I real sound effects control unit (TUM5001).(Support TUM 2.4G controller only)
(11) TUM all new T-34/85 real sound effects control unit (TUM5003). (Support TUM 2.4G controller only)
























































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